weekly work

Weekly House Cleaning Services

If you've got a busy schedule or a growing family then no doubt you could use a little house cleaning help each week. Don't be a slave to your housework. Let us do the heavy cleaning each week and help you keep your home spotless. With our beautiful beaches, mountains and sea wall, West Vancouver has too much to offer to spend your days indoor cleaning. So let us come into your house or condo once a week, at a time that suits you, to take care of all your house cleaning needs. Our weekly cleaning services might be perfect for you. We offer our best rates for our weekly home cleaning customers. Call us at 778-895-4356 for your free quote or to set up your first home cleaning service.

biweekly house work

Bi-Weekly Home Cleaning Services

Are you busy but don't actually need house cleaning help from us every week. No problem we also offer great rates on Bi-Weekly in Home Cleaning services. We will come in to clean your home, top to bottom, every other week. We may need to be there a little longer than on a weekly service but we'll have your home sparkling by the time we leave. This is by far our most popular maid service or house cleaning service and may just be the perfect formula to keep your house looking its best. We'll vaccuum, mop your floors, clean your kitchen, clean your bathrooms and dust the house from top to bottom. So contact us today for a free estimate. Our rates are very reasonable and we aim to please.

monthly cleaning

Monthly Home Cleaning Services

So you are normally able to keep up with your house cleaning but from time to time could use a little help? Perhaps you find that each month there seams to be certain areas of your home that need some extra cleaning attention. We can help with that. Maybe you just deserve a break from house keeping once in a while. Well, then consider our once a month house cleaning service to help make your home sparkle. We will offer you a flexible cleaning plan that meets your custom cleaning needs at a very affordable price. We can come in on a day that suits you each month and help keep you caught up with all your house cleaning chores. Its amazing what a little help can do.

deep cleaning

One Time Deep Cleaning Services

We know that not every customer needs the help of a full-time home cleaning service. In many cases, our customer's are only looking for a little help from time to time. A one time visit may be all you need to catch up with house keeping. At West Vancouver Cleaning we take pride in knowing each of our customer's special cleaning needs. We'll care for you home as if it was our own. Expect us to provide you with all the specific cleaning services you need.

So if your home doesn't need regular cleaning then we now also offer a one-time deep cleaning service. Just because you can keep a clean home doesn't mean you don't deserve a break now and again. Besides, our cleaning people are professionally trained to be thorough and you will definitely notice the difference after even just one cleaning.

Maybe your home needs a little extra cleaning before or after a big event? No problem, we do that. Or perhaps you just need a break once in a while. Either way, you can rely on West Vancouver Cleaning. So contact us today for a FREE Consultation or to book your next single or repeat in home cleaning service.

What Cleaning Products do we use?

We use only top quality household cleaning products. We'll show up with everything we need. Including glass and mirror cleaner, stainless steal cleaners, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, disinfectant, bleach and more. We'll also bring our dusters, paper towels, clean rags, vacuums, mops and garbage bags. If there are any other special cleaning products you prefer we are happy to accommodate. We also offer eco friendly cleaning products when asked. Since its your home, we are always happy to do things your way. Above all, your satisfaction is our top priority. We can even use your own specials cleaning products when desired. No matter what, your home is guaranteed to shine.

vacuuming services

Senior's House Cleaning Discount

Recently we've started to clean a number of elderly people's homes in West Van and North Van. These are some of our most rewarding and satisfying cleaning services.

Nothing feels better than being there for someone who has given so much for so long and now needs and deserves a little helping hand. As we age, simple house cleaning tasks can become an overwhelming burden. That's where we can come in. Its also why we now offer a discount to all our senior aged customers.

We can also clean your parents, grandparents or elderly relative's home. We are happy to deal directly with you and then provide them that extra help they need.  Its a service that some seniors may need and all will really appreciate. Most importantly, our friendly professional cleaners will make sure everyone is happy and satisfied at the end of every visit. Don't the seniors in your life deserve a little extra this year. Let us help you help them. Its a win-win for everyone.

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Don't wait, give us a call today at 778-895-4356. We'll set up a FREE no obligation onsite estimate or we can even schedule your next cleaning appointment. We offer competitive rates and quality professional cleaning services. So give us a call right now, you won't regret it.